Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski


We went camping again the weekend. We avoided most of the rain.

My camp fire fu has increased. I learned a few tips from campers on YouTube. Mostly, I lined the bottom of fire with thickers sticks or logs. These turned into great coals. That made for better marshmallow roasting as well.

In bed, Hers Truly spins like a top. I'll find legs going over me, somehow. She steals blankets, then pins the blankets under her. Hers Truly is quite the challenge to sleep with. On the other hand, it was alwas so enearing to wake and see her snuggled against Jenny.

Hers Truly has taken up calling me "Doug." We explained that I like "Daddy" better. There's only one person who can call me that, and she's it.

Hers Truly now takes showers. She's been taking showers with Jenny, so we finally let her take her own. Now she wants showers all the time. Our first lesson was that she needs a timer, otherwise she'll stay in forever. Otherwise, she's done quite well. I enjoy not running the bath and all those logistics. Will she take a bath again? Who can tell.

On Monday, I squeezed in a bit of woodworking. I've been whittling a crab mallet, which was quite easy. Now I need to cut the head to size, but my current miter box is the suckage. I should melt it for scraps. OK, it's good for timber. But really, it's just awfu. When I bought it, I skimped over the $20 more expensive box, and boy, have I ever paid for that skimping. 

One section of log is now ready to cut. I had hoped for a single slab, but that is not practical. I don't have the tools for that. Fortunately, a bit more looking revealed some saw bench examples. Those are almost exactly what I wanted. So now I can figure out how to cut the boards from the half-log. 

In the future, I really need to make more mallets. I really need to get back to the tree parts and see if I can salvage a limb.

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