Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

Sunday Blue

We wound up with a beautiful day on Sunday, which included two walks to the park.

We cleaned up the yard in short order. I saved the sticks that would make good firewood for our next venture, then recycled the rest. Jenny raked up leaves for composte. 

The vegetable garden survived well. Only one tomato fell off.

To keep Hers Truly amused, I drew paper dolls and we colored them. I was tickled pink when she kept playing with hers during the day.

Hers Truly rediscovered her baby stroller. She was out on Saturday evening pushing her baby around in the rain, walking through puddles, and having a generally fun time. Playing and dressing the baby has become a new favorite.

Thinking of new favorites, Hers Truly got a new Beany Baby kitten last month. Gray has become her favorite, and is now most treasured at bedtime. Gray must accompany her. Gray also gets lost a lot. So, we have many Gray finding expeditions around the house. Gray sure does have a lot of adventures.

The new axe handle is fitted, but still needs work. It's a marked improvement over axe handle version 1, but still has many problems. Hey, I'm working without a workbench or a vice. This is all ad-hoc woodworking. I also got a wedge carved. Next up, figuring out how to cut the top slit properly.

I also need to redo my buck saw. It's too tall. I also need to recut the blade slot with a thinner saw. I also need to redrill the bar holes. 

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