Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

All Quiet

All is quiet here before the hurrican arrives later today. We've prepped. Jenny cleaned up the yard and put stuff in the shed. (Admittedly, my idea of cleaning up the yard was tipping everything over, so she far exceeded my expectations.)

What will be left of the garden? We have no idea. OK, the root vegetables will be fine. The tomatoes are just determined to give us a bad year. (We lost two plantings of seedlings for the tomatoes, then got blight, and now have a hurrican just as we finally have fruit coming due.)

We picked all the ripe tomatoes. Hers Truly ate two of them immediately.

We should think about sleeping in the basement tonight.

We'll move the cars to the Rite Aid parking lot. There are no trees there. I fully expect a tree limbs to come down.

I took the evening trying to figure out what is hosing up on my computer. I think that I have a bridge chip set overheating. For some reason, Ubuntu doesn't care while everything else does. I can't explain it. So, it looks like I'll always play Black Prophecy on a timer, never knowing when the PC will freeze, and alwlays preventing me from becoming  a total lump behind the screen. That's actually very advantageous.

I'm on call for work. I have no idea what that means. No power is no power. We just expect water in weird places. I'll go in Sunday, if possible, and take a look around.

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