Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski


My parents came down on Saturday. They brought their under-used glass table for us to have. Mom also brought many clothes for Hers Truly.

I finished the buck saw. After a sanding and a bit of fine tuning, it worked great. I also rearranged my tools and assembled my wood-working tools into one place. Wow, I have more wood-working equipment than I thought. I could actually DO something with all this stuff.

After church today, Hers Truly and I went to the park. She complained, "I never get to get a treat from the singing truck." So, I decided to take her there, and she got a Dora the Explorer popsicle (containing no natural ingredients). She was happy.

For dinner, we ate Ethiopian. Hers Truly duly ate a pancake. She wouldn't touch the rest.

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