Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski


 Finished out my bucksaw project.


- Saw blade (from my bow saw)
- Uprights (cut from scrap pine, using mini-table saw, from scrap left over from raised bed garden)
- Pivot (stainless steel tube left over from some piece of furniture)
- Rope (from camping kit)
- Screws (drawer knobs with long screws)

Total Cost: $0

Most of it went together easy. The pivot holes needed to be tighter side-to-side, but looser up-and-down. I didn't cut the notches for the blade very well. That took some trial and error. I wound up with a little twisting in the blade, so I sanded out the slot with a drill and a cutting wheel.
Works fine. Is more collapseable than a bow saw. Lighter than the bow saw. You can use it one or two handed, or even one or two people. 
Difficulty: Easy
Practicality: Immense
I should sand it down when I can.

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