Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

Off to Not Work

Jenny is off early to babysit. Paul and Vanora are having their second child today, late, and all their babysitting has fallen through. I'll be home minding the intelligent terror that is Hers Truly.

I've been poking about my toolbox. I've rediscovered my sharpening tools, just perfect for camping. I have also found an axe head. Whohoo. I'll make it part of a project. Also in my project queue, making my own bucksaw. They are fairly collapsable, which is why I want to make one. First thing, though, is sharpening the danged thing. It is blunt, blunt, and after much work, still blunt.

I found some wonderful axe-use videos on youtube. I found some incredibly easy ways to split wood. Same guy also had some good sharpening videos.

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