Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

Early Riser

 Hers Truly has been getting up extra early lately. After a few surprises during my writing sessions, I am now assuming that she will awaken early, crawl into bed, and demand that we wake up.

In project news, I've made my first hobo stove. It needs a test-out. I've been running into a one-burner problem while camping, as my fires have not been big enough. One solution is to shove the cuppa-tea water off to one side and just make one cup on twigs. If twigs aren't available, I could do it on Sterno.

The above means that I'm now collecting firewood up from the neighborhood. I can't take it everywhere, but it should be good enough for local camping venues. I should also get some sort out outdoor cooking area together. Maybe I should make that jet stove.

I plan to add a wire rack and some bricks to the cooking arsenal.

I would guess that we do one more camping trip in the autumn. When, I don't know.

The final bits of the book are coming together. I'm rushing towards my self-imposed September deadline. A few minute last ideas are going in. No readers have responded so far.

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