Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski


Spend the weekend camping. We drove down Thursday and came back Sunday. My mother-in-law came along as well, because she liked camping.

Our campground was the Great Meadows campground on Skyline Drive, in the Shenandoah National Park. The weather was generally good during the day, but it was foggy in the mornings and rained at night. I rather missed the opportunity to see the stars far away from any city.

Firewood could not be brought into camp, so we had to forage or buy. As it stood, the place was well picked over, so we bought firewood. The stuff was awful and would not burn well. If I tweaked the fire when it was roaring hot, I could put it out. Yes, the wood hated burning that much. I ended up buying charcoal, and that only worked so well, too. Still, it was enough to cook dinner. Most food turned out good, but that was more luck than skill. I must study up on camp cooking.

Friday's adventure took us up a mist-covered Skyline Drive to a bluegrass festival in Luray. The girl enjoyed it and it was a nice time. For some odd reason, she would not eat a funnel cake. What's up with that?

Saturday's adventured took us back to Luray caverns. On the way up, my car threw the alternator belt. AAA found us a tow truck and tried to steer us to a closed garage. The driver got us to an open garage, and the owner stayed a bit late to replace the belts. After that, we headed off to Luray Caverns.

On Sunday, we stopped of on Stoney Man mountain and took a hike to the peak, then drove home.

Hers Truly has now declared her stuffed kitten "Gray" to be a magic kitten. Her powers include flying, turning into a bunny, and standing on her tail. Gray has quickly become her favorite kitty. Gray is also our most frequently lost kitty. 

Squirrel was beside himself when we got home. He demanded laps, and mewed ever so piteously when he could not get one.

The campsite had lots of butterfly-attracting flowers. Unfortunately, I did not get many good days to photograph. 

I let Hers Truly practice crossing the street at the camp ground. She was very eager and pushing at that boundary, so I took it was a teaching opportunity. I want her desire to drive her learning. She has a long way to go. 

Hers Truly spent inordinate amounts of time searching for "wishberries" (puffy dandelions). We roamed all over the campsites looking for them. Likewise, she tried to meet every dog and introduced herself constantly, especially to other kids.


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