Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

Home Safe

 Jenny and Hers Truly have arrived home safely from Connecticut. She went to visit Jen and Ethan, and their daughter. Great play was had by all. Reportedly, Jen and Ethan have a pirate ship in their back yard.

Our wayfarers arrived home at midnight. I woke up, tuck a mostly asleep girl into bed, told her one story, then crept out.

My weekend went along quietly. I played lots of Black Prophecy, but I made sure to keep the stints to reasonable lengths. I also am doing a finishing pass on the novel. 70k words. Wow. 

I edged the front walk and caulked the joints. Those joints are deep. They sucked down six tubes of caulk, and I'm still not done.

I also worked on camping gear. I adjusted my bow saw's teeth a little, and it now cuts better. I experimented with my pick-mattock, and found that it makes a tolerable splitter. So, no need to buy a splitter just yet. 

Glad that we might squeak by the debt ceiling impass. One ugly fight down. Many ugly fights remaining. I say this because I've come to accept peak oil. No, oil is not running out. However, in the end, power = economy. We now have a tough problem to work through: how to do we run a steady-state economy without making haves and have-nots?

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