Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

Weekend Update

This weekend's pickle experiment worked out quite nicely. From now on, if I can, I'll make my own pickles. The great side-effect is that I also get pickled garlic out of it. That's a two-fer.

Hers Truly is entering another bedtime turmoil. A few nights ago, she required all the lights on. Last night, she needed the door open and kept needing to talk to us. This will last for a while, then be done. It can be hard, though, when you are short on patience.

I haven't played much Black Prophecy. Their beginning area has been down. I was literally at the end of the intro adventures when the problem happened. Another hour later, and I would not care at all.

I am writing a new piece as an experiment. It's all about voice. The Jura City novels are written more like mainstream novels, but writing that way for me is hard. It's possible, just hard. When I tell stories to Hers Truly, the words all come so much easier. What I want is far more of my oral style on my page, and more of my comedy style as well.

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