Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

Music Night

 Last night, it was Peruvian music on the Strathmore lawn. Hers Truly ran about like a maniac. Good venue!

At the Strathmore, Hers Truly demands neck rides, so I pick her up and carry her about. However, getting down is a problem. Some of the time, we do it badly. Once, Hers Truly took a header. Hmm. Need to do some work here.

I send "Standing Between Earth and Heaven" to some readers. Hopefully this time my readers actually do their jobs and talk to me after they read. Nothing more frustrating than readers who don't do what they volunteer to do. Let's home it doesn't come to that.

Writing has taken a back seat to cover design. I completed a draft, so a bit of a writing break is nice. I'll try and remember to post some covers.

It's hot here. It's hot everywhere.

I've been playing Black Prophecy recently. I'm only a week in. The controls are problematic. My ship handles like a drunken mule. Well, if I stick with the game, maybe I'll buy a new joystick.

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