Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

Weekend Fillin

 A quick weekend filling.

On Friday, it was Cuban Jazz down at the sculpture garden. The place was packed. Great fun was had putting feet into that huge circular fountain.

Saturday I made pancakes for special breakfast, with many cudoes from the wife and child. I then had a rocking day making laundry.

I've been goofing off with possible book covers for my next book. Ms. JJ took an interest, and we'll see what she sends me back. I'll have to post some of my quickie mockups.

Sunday was church and headache.

Game du jour is Black Prophecy. It's fun to be in a cockpit again, but the controls are problematic, my video card is barely up to spec, and I kept hitting rubber-banding during combat. I'll keep poking at this and see what comes out.

Can I brag about my geeky wife? I showed her Hobbit pictures of the dwarves, and she correctly identified each an every one of them.

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