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How do I know that I'm Goth-Lite?

- I dress in all gray.
- I'm depressed 7am-8 am, Mon-Fri. (just after the alarm goes off, in fact).
- I really digged the chick in that Sisters of Mercy video from 1988.
- I own several Strawberry Switchblade albums. (Think polka-dot goths from 1985. No, I'm not kidding.)
- I can make the Anubis hand symbol.
- In my heart of hearts, I am a creature of the overcast day.
- When I wake up in the morning, my hair has a very unique hair style.
- I am fascinated by the Victor-Victorian era.
- I sometimes feel alienated, but mostly by real Goth culture.
- I like old buidings, but only if I can paint them happy colors.
- I embrace forbidden fascinations, like what's in sink traps and early musicals.

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