Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

Weekend 2

 The bachelor weekend proved very busy. I cleaned the living room. I cleaned the bathroom. I cleaned kitchen shelves.

The lawnmower has been on the fritz. I finally identified the section of wiring that was flakey. I snipped there, stripped, and reconnected. Somehow, the wiring had fatigued on both strands. Weird. Cheap construction, and I mean way cheap. 

Hers Truly finally realized that meat from animals is really MEAT FROM ANIMALS. She doesn't want to eat animals.

Hers Truly took us on an expedition to Antarctica. This lead into March of the Penguins. Hers Truly was riveted.

In photography, Hers Truly keeps trying to use my camera, but it's too heavy. Instead, she likes using Mom's camera, which is much lighter. The photos are still all over the place, but she likes taking them. 

I've been getting the Picasa site ready to use. Go see pictures on picasa

While Jenny and Hers Truly were up on NJ, grandma had a birthday and they made her a kitten cake. I'm waiting for pictures.

"Standing Between Earth and Heaven" goes apace. 65k words, roughly. I am smoothing that ending out. After this edit, more smoothing and looking for those places where I left obvious logical problems or dropped the ball.

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