Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski


There are some raspberry bushes growing wild along the path to the park. Hers Truly must now visit them if at all possible. Visiting the park is the excuse for going raspberry picking. I try to keep the picking down, though. The bushes are small and there are other people who might want to pick a berry or two.

I've spent an inordinate amount of time watching Power Ranger RPM. The writers had a great deal of fun. And starting at the episode that I predicted, the "endgame" for the series began. So yes, I enjoy playing the "dissect what the writers are doing" game.

We have the Folk Festival scheduled for Sunday. Nothing is yet fixed for Monday.

I sent Jenny out last night. A friend was in town, and he organized a get-together of her last non-profit. She enjoyed her night out.

We are working with sounding out words with Hers Truly. She doesn't quite get them yet. Hers Truly will put many letters on the easel, and Jenny will sound out the nonsense word. After that, she changes letters and sounds them out again. There is lots and lots of laughing at the silliness.

Meanwhile, Hers Truly is often pretending to be a kitten. There was some kitten pretending over the last year, but recently it's kicked up an order of magnitude. She is a kitten far more often than not. Being four, her kitten squeals are impossibly high-pitched.

Another newer behavior is baby-doll play. Baby dolls were minimally enjoyed before the spring. Last night, I found the high chair out as Hers Truly was feeding her baby doll. Before that, I don't think that I ever saw her play with her high chair. 

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