Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski


 We went camping over the weekend. The main instigator of the mad plan was Jenny, who got everything together, borrowed a few other things, and made it seem like the good idea that it was.

I took off work early on Friday and we slogged through the early rush-hour traffic to the Little Bennett Camping Area. We stayed Friday and Saturday, and returned early on Sunday. Jenny handled putting up the tent. I handled the fire and the cooking. We cooked over wood collected from Xpioti's yard. (Thank, hon!)

Friday night featured Hers Truly's first marshmallow roast. I hadn't had roasted marshmallows in years, and oh boy oh boy, were they ever good. Saturday morning was bacon and eggs and toast. Sunday was hot dogs. (Well, not really. They were veggie hot dogs, which is something akin to an offense against God and nature.) Sunday was just cereal and packing up.

On Saturday night, the park had root beer floats and a film. We did not watch the film, but the root beer float, followed by an exhausting game of pick-up freeze tag left Hers Truly well worn.

Sleeping with Hers Truly was a challenge as she is an acrobat while sleeping. How she gets herself into those positions, I have no clue. For a while, she actually slept above my head, just like a cat would. Really, I have absolutely no clue how she flails about the way that she does.

My entertainment for the trip was many radio episodes of Star Wars.

Due to the hours that we woke up, we were up and packed unreasonable early. We've spent the day putting things away and doing laundry.

Hers Truly greatly enjoyed camping. (Sometimes she did ask to go home but that usually meant that she wanted to watch videos.) We hope to do more camping this year. If folks are interested in joining us, speak up.

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