Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

Pot Luck

Tuesday night was pot-luck. Carol's H's daughter brought down some lobster from Maine. I had some fun crunching some lobster claws.

I finally waded through Avatar. Wow, what a pile of triteness repainted as a film. I did find some of the aliens reminiscent of Barlow, which was cool. However, cool design work does not a good story make. If I was a good ranter, I'd have just-too-many things to rant about.

Last night, bedtime was delayed as Hers Truly and I built a tent in the living room and used flashlights to make shadows on the ceiling.

Meanwhile, a recent game between mother and daughter includes talking as cats. "One says something, meow," and the other one replies with a "meow." All in character, of course.

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