Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski


We've been celebrating my birthday over the weekend. Today is the real thing.

On Saturday, Jenny and Hers Truly made me a birthday cake. I asked for a beholder. Jenny explained it to Hers Truly as "an alien." Hers Truly did lots of work on the cake as well, doing lots of icing and texturing. They had a riot of a good time. Meanwhile, I was exiled from the kitchen. Hopefully you can see it here, my birthday cake.

Alien Cake

On Sunday, we had the big family birthday party for early summer and father's day. Too much good food.

I've got my picture server going. It's running on an ancient iBook G3. Performance dies when you upload and it must process, but hey, it was already owned. No additional money is good. I did pay for a power adapter. I get the monitor to work by attaching a c-clamp and pressing the laptop against the wall at the correct angle. Anyhow, go to to see the picture server.

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