Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski


Ponies. Hers Truly likes ponies. It first showed up with a demand to see ponies in a video. That video turned out to be Fantasia. Hers Truly just had to see ponies.

A few weeks ago, Hers Truly was in the thrift store with Jenny, and she saw a pack of pretty ponies. So now we have a whole herd of ponies wandering about the house. A new pastime with these ponies is giving them baths. Hers Truly took a spare bit, filled it with water from the sink using little bucket, and proceeded to give the ponies a bath.

Hers Truly does get the occasional horse story. The first one that I told recounted how "Grandma Edna" (not real) too Sarah (not real) to a barn, and they had to clean out the stall, then they rode the horse, and then they had to brush the horse. Horses, you see, are lots of fun, but they also require work. Thus, I am prepping a child who may want a pony [NO!] for work.

Oh, and if she ever wants to ride, I'll tell her riding instructor, "Make her work."

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