Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

Weekend Summary

My sisters took Hers Truly for Friday afternoon/night. They went up to the Aquarium in Baltimore. Meanwhile, we hit the Korean BBQ nearby. Oh-my-fucking-god, that was good ribs. We thought about a movie out, but due to impending food coma, went home and watched Dawn Treader.

Saturday, I mowed the lawn. I picked up Hers Truly around lunchtime, and she proceeded to glom onto me for the rest of the day. While watching videos after lunch, we both fell asleep on the bed. I woke up with her splayed on my legs. I wound up pinned for a good while. (Hers Truly does not nap enough and it is good when she does.)

Jenny made faux white pizza for Saturday night.

These days, Jenny thinks she's lactose intolerant as well, so we are going deeper into no lactose land.

On Sunday, I ran my next Gamma World game. I included the RV from "Stripes", but nobody at the table had seen "Stripes." Jenny hadn't seen either. What is this?

Jenny and Hers Truly went to the Washington Folk Festival. They had a grand time and saw lots of dancing. They saw some other stuff too, but for Hers Truly, the dancing was the only thing that mattered.

Meanwhile, the MP3 project continues apace. I'm done normalizing. Now I'm going through comparing V1 and V2 tags. I should be done this week. Yay. (In many ways, the MP3 project is like a RPG video game. It occupies the same desire to get it done.)

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