Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

Last Few Days

Hers Truly went to stay overnight with Cousin Version 1. She had a great time, including a shared bubble bath.

Given babysitting services, we hit the local Tappas and ordered us some mighty nice food. The bacon-wrapped fried dates were especially nice. Yum. After that, we wen to see Thor in 3D. I was underwhelmed, both by the 3D and the script.

I am told that there is better 3D out there. I will keep an open mind, but right now, I'm not eager for more 3D, especially as I need to wear two pairs of glasses.

In politics, it looks like the Republicans are setting themselves up for a bloodbath. There's a reason that no one wants to handle the tar-baby.

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