Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski


The endless series of rains continues. We had yet another mild thunderstorm this evening.

This afternoon, John and family come in from Singapore. I'm off early to help welcome them. The mother-in-law is also coming down. She will be helping wrangle the grandchildren. (More accurately, she will be monopolizing them with glee.) So, we'll have lots of relatives around for a little while, but not in our house. We'd love to have them, but we just can't fit that many people.

I continue fixing MP3 tags. I think that I have the hang of this now.

I started recording some stories that I tell to Hers Truly, but miss perverse simply stopped asking for the stories that I was telling. Part of the fun was recording the interaction.

We had a great time watching Finding Nemo last night. Both Wife and Hers Truly were glued to the set. I was a backrest.

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