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Weekend Review

Did homework on Saturday afternoon. (This will definitely become a theme.) Visited Jen on Saturday night.

Met up with Laurie on Sunday morning. It went so-so. I think she'll make a nice friend, but not clickie happened. Oddly enough, I went down to the used book store to find CD's and went clickie for the sales girl. Go figure. I also picked up Duran Duran's 1st, Evita (motion picture), and Luscous Jackson - (something) Honey. I don't recall the title.

The game club worked out all fine. I hopped the metro to Mount Pleasant. We wound up playing Trivial Pursuit 20th Anniversary Edition. I met an english woman there that I swear I met before. I think I met her on the last date with Christina, three years ago. We had been ice skating and we met up with some of her friends. How many English women who work for NASA and live in Cleveland Park are there? It's a small world.

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