Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

Tag Hell

I am back to working on my MP3 tags, trying to find out what's causing the ruckus between iTunes and Rockbox. After some fiddling, I mounted my Mac on my Ubuntu box, but things look more complex than they should. I found an issue with tags and normalizing, none of it happy. Meanwhile, I am still waiting for some of my Fink programs to compile. With the Y-To-All option enabled, the compiler keeps stopping and asking me for a Y/n answer. Grrr.

With the summer coming on, Hers Truly definitely likes to stay up later. This morning, she slept clear past my morning routine. I did not get to share my English muffin.

I have been busy dumping some more stories that we tell to Hers Truly. I'm also writing some more in that vein. Maybe I can glom some together and sell it on Amazon. I'll bug my wife and get her to write some down, too.

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