Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

Flower Picking Maniac

Hers Truly is a flower-picking maniac this year. Flowers must be picked, then they must be picked apart. We've been harvesting this desire by having her pick the flowers. That worked with the daffodils. They were easy to pick. The tulips are harder to pick, and the ensuing violence is both hilarious and destructive to the flowers. The irises are now coming in, and they will be impossible to pick, so we'll have to somehow tackle Hers Truly and work out some better way to pick them.

As Hers Truly ages, some rituals suddenly change, and I find that I miss them. We will go through long bouts of watching videos on the bed immediately after dinner, then spring comes, and cozying up with the videos is not such a big thing. Then weeks later, in pops the urge again, and the videos come back, or not.


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