Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

Piggy Slippers

Have I mentioned Piggy Slippers? Hers Truly picked out a pair of piggy slippers this autumn. From then on, those are what she wears in the morning. (OK. Sometimes, she wears her beach sandals, but mostly it's the piggy slippers.)

What's amazing is how quickly those slippers get lost. Sometimes between going to bed and waking up they get lost. Those things hide themselves very well. Given the least bit of clothing nearby, they hide. It's uncanny.

Hers Truly likes making clothes for her dolls. She began when she turned hairbands into a top for one of her dolls. Jenny now keeps her supplied with tissue paper and tape which she uses to clothe her dolls.

Our latest video diversion is main coon cats. She wants to see "coon cats". Why? I have no idea. At least they are more charming than plane crashes.

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