Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

On Naming the Bad Guys

In my novel, naming the bad guys has been tough. All the really easy stuff has been taken by others. I keep making stuff up and not quite liking it. Most of that dislike centers around the blandness of what I create. Let's face it, I can take a dictionary generator and make more evilish words rather easily, but they merely exist to differentiate my dark/shadow/black badguys from your dim/dark/ebon bad guys. Let's face it, having bad guys called the Midnight Bad-Asses just doesn't tell you anything.

But how to break out?

I've settled on two names for the bad guys: the older ones and the newer ones.

The oldest ones are Oathbreakers. You can tell what they do in one word. You can also tell something about their priorities, and the priorities of those who oppose them.

The newer bad guys are Bloodletters. They believe in human sacrifice. Again, it's pretty easy to tell what they stand for. It's pretty easy to tell what their opponents don't like.

The cool thing is that I break out of the fantasy namespace that is so overcrowded. You won't confuse them with the next book over. Of course, that assumes that you read my book, which is a mighty rare deed indeed.

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