Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski


Puppets are the order of the day. Hers Truly has made puppets from drum sticks and socks. They are simple. She puts the socks over the drumstick, then declares it a puppet. Hers is usually called Louie. The other good thing about these puppets is that that the socks and be pulled back, and the drumsticks become puppet launchers.

Sometimes Hers Truly wants me around as she sits on the potty. So, she requests that I color outside.

Coloring with Hers Truly is frustrating. She give me one coloring book and takes another. So I color away, and she decides to help me. Helping means that she hunches over the book and colors away, which means that I can't really color, even if I find it amusing. I must wait for her to stop helping.

Sometimes Hers Truly wants book in the bath. In those cases, I get a few books, sit down with my back against the tub and hold the book up so that she can see the pictures.

Every day, Hers Truly tells me how she misses me. She wants me to stay home. It's OK if she goes to school, but I should stay home. That makes my little tail wag.

Dolls were barely of interest six months ago. Now she's making characters and role-playing like a champ.

Of particular interest to Hers Truly are strapped dressed. She loves them. She adores them. She wanted to wear them all winter into the deep freeze outside.

She loves her chocolate yogurt. She likes to churn it up so that it is swirly.

If she likes it, it is her favorite. That means that everything is her favorite, in its turn. You can't fault her for enthusiasm.

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