Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

Birthday Party

Hers Truly had her fourth birthday party over the weekend.

A party for four-year-olds actually requires feeding double that number as the parents must be fed as well. For the days preceding, Jenny worked diligently to get everything organized. Come Friday night, our household was a party-prepping machine. Jenny even enlisted her Mom and step-dad to come down and help.

We held the party at a park building. The kids had room to run around. Food had room to be served. The theme was "make you own," and so everyone built their own mini-pizzas, fruit sculptures, crackers, and sandwiches. The mini-pizzas and the fruit sculptures were the run-away favorites.

Present opening was mad. I called it the "dis-assembly line." The kids gave Hers Truly as fast as she could open them, I caught, someone else wrote down what we got, and someone else piled them nicely.

Naturally, Hers Truly decorated her own cupcake. In fact, everyone did. We made up cupcake decoration bags so that everyone got to decorate their own.

After the party, the troop of kids headed out to the playground just outside the building. Big win.

For her birthday, I gave Hers Truly a new pair of headphones. They are just like mine, but pink. She loves them. Meanwhile, the sacrifice has been accepted, and I get to ransom back my own pair of headphones. The mad plan worked. What is good about those headphones is that they are comfy on a child's head.

On Sunday, my parents came down and we had the family birthday. She decorated all the cupcakes for the family members. More presents were hurled at the daughter.

Best present goes to whoever gave us the paper-dolls that you stick decorations on. Simple but oh-so effective.

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