Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

Uneventful Weekend

Not much to report over the weekend. Things went quiet. Friday dinner was a Taipei Tokyo, pretty dinner on Saturday, and church on Sunday.

I went to clean at our Co-Op Nursery School. I first got saddle with a guy who didn't know how to pick something and work at it. My guess is the Indian fellow never actually got raised to clean. I jumped out and helped a different person on the nursery. We both rocked along fast and got out a little early.

I cranked along on Fallout 3. I finished the Point Lookout storyline. I'm now into the Pitt storyline. I tried throwing the /3GB switch on WindowsXP, but Fallout 3 hated the switch, becoming far more unstable. I backed that out.

We continue going through Dr. Who, Season 5. The Angel episode was brilliant. The following episode was a waste of air time. My guess is that the follow-on episode used to be a two-parter, but that the Angels needed more air time. The creators had a decision:  air a shortened and possibly lousy Angel episode, or air a shortened and lousy throw-away episode. If my guess is true, they made the right call. As they had already filmed the follow-on episode, they could not rewrite it, so they had to hack it as creatively as possibly. Given that their current stable of film editors are shaky, and that their best guy was on the final episode of the Angels (great decision), the follow-on episode was just doomed. Once it was doomed, you let it be doomed and live with it.

Jenny is trying to get up a new writer's group through the Maryland Writers Association. She was happy to get her first submission.

We've tapped our trees for maple sap to make maple syrup. We'll let you know if silver maples make acceptable maple syrup.

I got worn down by Hers Truly watching nothing but short-clip train crashing videos. I diverted her onto NetFlix and Angelina Ballerina. Phew.

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