Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

Weekend Wrap

On Friday, it was my turn to pick the restaurant. I delegated the choice to Hers Truly, who promptly picked Urban BBQ. (They have big ice cream cones.)

On Saturday, we went over to Brookeside Nature Center to learn about tapping maple trees. Hers Truly had fun climbing the snow piles in the parking lot. Looks like we have three big, acceptable maples in the yard. We will tap them for maple syrup. More on that as it comes.

In Fallout 3, I am now playing with the GECK toolkit. I've begun modifying guns, and more generally, learning the rules that underpin the game mechanic. The designers appear to have one eye on modern arms, and another on what is actually useful. Sometimes, though, their logic just escapes me. There's a point in the late game where most balance simply doesn't matter, so monkeying with the game objects has no appreciable downsides. 


Ran my second Gamma World installment. The character's pink truck with "Sue" license plates turned against them. It was a transformer. It became a robot with a mini-gun. It really should have been a T-Rex with a mini-gun, but they didn't get the "Boy Named Sue" joke, so not getting a T-Rex named Sue joke is pushing it. I think that the players had more fun this week.

Jenny's set up her laptop on her desk, so she took back her monitor. That puts me down one monitor. Now I'm shopping for a monitor, and hesitating. I'd love a bigger screen, but there's only so much of this "money" thing. My real goal is a 15" MacBook. Irritatingly, Apple has an extreme markup in a screen size bump. +2" costs +$700. Maybe I'm not up for that.


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