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I abandoned Spagetti Night a bit early last night, as things were icing. Given that it takes 40 minutes to get home, I should have just said, "I'll deal." The roads turned out to be fairly dry and easy to travel. So much for caution.

The film was "Legally Blond", which was amusingly stupid. It was also Alex's birthday. Yay. Little Mr. Fischer has reach two years old. He had a Blue cake and everything.

Work settled down today. Yay. I hit my ticket quota, which give me almost two stress free days to not worry about next month. Yay.

I bought my books for school. The "Bend Over" price was $90. Ohmigod. Damn I miss being an English Major. My hardback of Shakespeare only cost me $50 back when. Even with inflasion, that might be $75 today. Hardback and thick as fog, too.

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