Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

Year Wrap

Time to wrap up this year with a day off.

I finished a novel. Go me. "Weeds Among Stone" has been read by a handful of people. Go the. So far, I have sold no copies. No drive-by downloads. My current marketing plan simply doesn't work. That's OK. I never claimed to be good at marketing.

This week was a bit hard. Hers Truly glommed onto me. Daddy was well monitored, which wound up exhausting. Fortunately, I had one day at work, and that helped me rest up a bit.

I gave into pressure and installed Windows onto my PC in order to run Fallout 3. I have it dual-booting. I've been Windows free for so long, living la vida Ubuntu. That did its job. I am now very comfortable with Linux. I don't nearly know everything, but I am very comfortable with it.

We had a snowstorm threaten last weekend, but it wound up completely missing us. That's normal for this area. Storms like breaking to the north or to the south.

"Black Dynamite" is made of awesome. I streamed it via Netflix, and had a great time watching it.

Agenda for the weekend: take down Christmas tree, and Hers Truly goes to a birthday party.

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