Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

Christmas Morning

Merry Christmas. Santa Cat woke me up so that he could go out.

It's been a busy week.

Let's roll back to Friday when Jenny and Hers Truly came to visit me at work. Of particular note was the annual Gingerbread House contest. There were fewer houses this year, but ohmygod, there were more over-the-top houses. There was a three-feet-tall Snoopie doghouse, complete with decorated inside and Snoopy on top. There was a quiddich match built around a track toy that lifted and dropped a metal ball, which meant that there was a flying ball in the quiddich match. There was an astonishing Toy Story 3 diorama. Fondant was everywhere this year, stealing much of the show.

Saturday, we went to see the Nutcracker. We saw a live performance in Rockville by a mostly juvenile dance studio. Hers Truly did well enough, but unfortunately, we spent too much time waiting with a chatty audience. Audience chatter is white noise, which sends Hers Truly bugnuts. She registers white noise as loud. Then, we found that we were near the piano, and primed by noise saturation, perceived that as loud as well. She liked the dancing, but just could not handle the volume.

Also on Saurday, Hers Truly knocked my full coffee-press off the counter, breaking it. Ouch. Lots of coffee everywhere, as I was cold brewing. No fun for me. I've had to make coffee every day.

Hers Truly's noise perception has been getting more sensitive. We now have a "noise warning" in the house. "I'm going to make a loud noise," is a standard warning.

I took the week off. We began the week with Jenny's mom and step-dad coming down for an early Christmas. It was a good but short visit. Hers Truly glommed onto me the whole visit. I was the prisoner of the pleasure palace. My best theory is that both parents might go away because the grandparents were here, so she defended me.

I have never seen Hers Truly so deeply wowed as when she got her own cake decorating supplies. She got an offset spatula, pastry bags, and tips. She used them to decorate cookies for Santa.

Jen had another theory that Hers Truly likes soft dresses, so Hers Truly got a very soft nightgown. She actually wore it. Looks like Hers Truly is a texture snob. She's got to like the texture, but if the likes the fashion enough, texture goes out the window.

I took the week off this week, meaning that I spent much time at home. I've slowly been chipping away at the leaf disaster. I received Fallout 3 as a present, but none of my computers will run it so far. Since I use wine, making any game run at all is always work. EVERY game is a pain in the ass and no directions ever seem to "just work".

Keeping Hers Truly from Jen's sewing proved tough. While Jenny worked on her niece's dress, Hers Truly could hang out and sew with a needle. Sewing with a needles is very fun. After hours, Jenny worked on Hers Truly's princess dress. Keeping it away and hidden was tough. There's no place to hide stuff in this house. Still, we manage some hiding, but Hers Truly did find her half-finished dress early. There were words. [Quite honestly, I do try, but when it's hyper-vigilance vs. a curious three-year-old, hyper-vigilance loses.]

On Thursday, we went to my family's designated Christmas. Mom went less nuts this year on buying for her grandkids. Go, mom. We could fit everything in the car. Joy had no trouble being downstairs while the nephews played Rock Band at loud volumes.

We finally made it to the Christmas service down at Jenny's church, Dumbarton United Methodist. Georgetown was abandoned and easy parking. The church forgot to line up ushers and greeters, which made the service some assembly required. For the children's story, the minister read through the nativity while people walked through the parts. Hers Truly insisted that I be an angel, so I went to the angels. Then, she wanted to come sit with me instead of all the kids, so she came over and wore my halo, jiggled it, and had great fun sitting with the angels. Other than that, we played in back of the church.

Chinese dumplings for dinner. Yum. We also tried rice milk eggnog. Ummm, no. Don't go there, for there lies madness.

Getting Hers Truly into bed as a bit of a chore. Then, we realized that we forgot the cookies and the stockings, so deploy and repeat.

Jenny stayed up late finishing the dress. I joined her in solidarity, read to her "The Grinch Who Stole Christmas," and played LotRO while she sewed.

I'm up early because I let the cat out.

Christmas is almost here, and I'll be glad when it's done. I do like Christmas, but only so much. The social payload is just too much for me.

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