Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski


We went to the new Silver Diner over the weekend. It's a snazzy setup. They have more 2-person tables and some more wait room. They have a small area with stand-alone tables, just perfect for large groups, parties, and handicapped sitting. Otherwise, the decor and feel is about the same.

I rearranged the heat venting. That helped warm the cold basement up and generally evened up the whole house.

Saturday saw a spate of activity. It was cleaning time, because we had a tree to put in. Cleaning included getting behind some furniture which hadn't been cleaned in too long. Mold. Ewww.

On Sunday, we got the tree up. Hers Truly decided that her pine cone collection would look great in the tree. She also hung every ornament in the house.

Wrapped up the weekend with Charlie Brown Christmas, and for us parents, Toy Story 3.

Jenny has found a green bear for Hers Truly. She has modified it to have a darling skirt and bow.


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