Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski


We spent the weekend making cookies. We went up to my parents and learned how to make some family stuff: the super-thin sugar cookies and the poppyseed bread.

Hers Truly had a good time visiting, but was also in a daddy-oriented mood. Daddy is very popular. Mommy isn't.

In terms of caring and feeding, and a little advice from professionals, we are now  shortening our expectations for the tot. Ask once, then whatever. Don't wait too long.

While driving, I got some good writing done. (That's where I have nothing to do other than watch the road and think.) Amazingly enough, I was able to wrap up most of the changes over the weekend. Next, I need to get to the end, which is now all screwed up, but I expected that to happen. I didn't like the ending anyway, and I still don't, except now I can't keep it. I should have something sketched out in a few weeks.

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