Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

Vet Day

I'm off for veteran's day. Just got finished making waffles (by request).

It's been a busy week.

Over the weekend, I played far too much LotRO, so I took a few days of sabbatical, and let my brain wind down.

The next novel, titled 'Standing Between Earth and Heaven', stands at 30k words. The draft is coming along. I still don't like the ending. I keep wanting to make a middle book that points to the last book, like any middle-trilogy books, but I am resisting that. I want each book more self-contained. However, I still haven't cracked that nut.

No sales to report on Weeds Among Stone. So far, I am well below my already low expectations. I've dropped my price to 0.99, and now I'm down to the 33% royalty rate. So, I'll make 0.34 per sale. That means I only need to sell 150 sales to cover the cost of my printed copies, and another 100 sales to pay my editor. (I owe her dinner.) Expected sales? 50 is normal for self publishing.

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