Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski


Hers Truly made my lunch the other morning. That was very sweet of her. She made me a ham sandwich with nothing else, which is how I eat a ham sandwich.

The teacher reports that Hers Truly is often off to one side, making "cakes." She sure does love those cake making videos. Making anything that requires rolling or stamping is also a big hit.

Coloring is a much bigger pastime about the house these days. I've moved the coloring books where Hers Truly can get to them. The crayons have not yet descended. Soon, I think? Within six months, I'd say. Sometimes after she turns four. (FOUR! OMG.) Coloring remains a chaotic activity. She has far better control now, but her coloring is still a bit wild. That's OK. I scribbled well into being five. That means that she's doing better than me.

I still like watching videos for her. I must confess, I like being her pillow/backrest. Video times is comfy/cozy time.

Hers Truly is singing songs more often now. She gets the words messed up sometimes, but all in all, her lyric memory is better than mine.

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