Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

Week at the Beach

We've spent the week at Rehobeth beach with my parents and Jen's parents. All in all, it was a good week.

The trip down was a bit of a slog. Even in the off-season, there were lots of folks getting away early. The traffic was thicker for longer than I expected. Back in the 90s, I used to drive for a living, and I am still spoiled by all those winter days when I was the only person on the road.

Hers Truly loved the beach. For some reason, she liked shoving her head into the sand. Also on her loves were finding treasures (seashells), knocking down sandcastles, building sandcastles, and telling daddy that he wants to go in the waves.

The waves were brutal on Saturday and Sunday. The Hurricane Igor was driving them in. All the waves were big, and then some. I tried bodyboarding, but I just could not handle waves that big. They literally picked you up and spun you head over foot. Each and every one pipelined.

I took my camera gear with me. I used a different lens every day. (No use swapping lenses at a beach).

I gun sunburned on my ears. That is not what I was expecting.

We spent a few afternoons downtown. Hers Truly liked poking into shops. I was utterly charmed when an Emo chick (complete with lip piercings) had fun selling Hers Truly a Strawberry Shortcake t-shirt. Of course, she also got the obligatory ice cream on the boardwalk. The adults got lunch. I rather enjoyed a hot dog from a boardwalk stand.

The rides were closed. Hers Truly got no rides. We did spend some time in the arcade. Random strangers gave me tickets because I had a little girl. I played some ski ball. Other folks played some other games. All together, we accumulated enough tickets to make Hers Truly delighted, which was easy.

Hers Truly has made progress on coloring. She now colors approximately where the picture is.

I wrapped up the novel. Jenny edited it during quiet times. She turned it around in three days. (Thanks, Jenny.)

We did get a date out of the week. We went to a chi-chi restaurant ($$$) that served fabulous food. It was good, I'll say that. You don't expect that kind of food at a beach. (I was set for chip n beer myself.) The moonlight walk along the beach was literally out of a 40's film. Literally. We had one of the unreal full moons over the ocean.

I won't be back to work until Tuesday. I'll have lots of time to rest up from my rest.

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