Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

I had a headache over the weekend. I finally traced it back to my granola bars, which have a trace of whey. They are literally the last listed ingredient. Bitch.

We have embarked on a new phase of video watching. This is "catch up" time. Saturday night, we watched Pirates of the Carribean 3. Yeah, we are that far behind. There's lots more cinema after that, especially all the Pixar that we've missed.

Spent last night learning how to get DVD's to play on my Ubuntu installation.

I tried to get Lord of the Rings Online running on my Ubuntu box as well. I have not succeeded yet. My #1 problem is that LotRO is activated under my account, with no hints about how to do this. So, I bang my head against the wall and hope for the best.

I've been trying to remember the Pentapus song (sung to the classic Spider Man). I sang this song to Hers Truly, and I made it up while I was still in sleep-dep mode.

Pentapus, Pentapus
Polydactilus pentapus
Is he cool? Is he mod?
He's a nuclear cephlapod
Oh yeah, he is a pentapus.

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