Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

Bachelor Day

Jen and Hers Truly are up visiting grandma for a few days. Jen's mom just retired.

In my free time, I hit the Friends of the Library bookstore. I snagged a complete Frog and Toad for $3. I also picked up another Arnold Lobel, this one about a cricket. For myself, I added to my dino collection. (I haven't done that is years.) I found a good academic work on the KT Boundary. I also picked up a history of Soviet Russia. It doesn't go past the fifties, but it should give me plenty of fodder anyhow. I really want to see how the USSR worked and didn't work.

I put together a Totoro puzzle that I had sitting around. Hers Truly only lost two pieces from it. The process was engrossing in the same way that video games are engrossing. Just one more piece!

My new power supply can't come soon enough. My laptop is running out of juice, which is making novel work hard. Jenny took the only working power adapter.


Hers Truly has favorite clothes. One favorite is her black velvet dress. I suppose it's a favorite because Kiki from Kiki's Delivery Service wears a black dress. She loves wearing this dress to bed. She also loves wearing her tie-dyed dress to bed and her halter-topped blue dress. "Pajama" is a pejorative word and must not be used. The rule is: hysterics before pajamas.

Tonight is preschool orientation night. Yee-ha, what a wild and swinging bachelor time I'm having.

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