Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski


Lots of folks are headed to Dragoncon. Have fun, folks.

Myself, I never quite got cons, any con, let alone DragonCon. I suppose there must be something fun about them. I think that the only cons I ever really had fun at were the early TechniCons, as they were held in a little hotel and the crowd was somewhat amorphous. There weren't enough of anybody to form a clique.

I did try going to cons, but just wasn't very social and never quite made any friends. I picked up LARPing just to keep myself amused, but even that only lasted so long.

I did try a few game-only conventions, which were fun, assuming that you wound up gaming with fun folks. You could easily get stuck with stick-in-the-muds who forgot to have fun.

DragonCon now seems like the big-boy-to-beat, so to speak. 30k people. Wow, that's too much for me. Guaran-damn-teed alienation.

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