Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski


Dinner of Friday was the ever-popular Tokyo Tai-Pei.

Saturday, I headed into work early for a power test, then went to the preschool to help clean up the playground.

Sunday was D&D. We've lost our two newest players. One got a job. The other just hasn't been showing. Hopefully, we just crawl along with what we have and only add more players when they look reliable.

For dinner, we coked ribs. I had never cooked ribs before. They were easy. Next time, I think that I cook them slower.

I've been getting headaches again recently. The culprit turned out to be the whey in the wasabi peanuts.

I removed Might and Magic from my computer. I got my $7 worth of entertainment from it.

I've started into watching Terry Jones's "Medieval Lives" series, streamed through Netflix.

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