Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

Meltdown Girl aka Landmine Girl

Sometimes Hers Truly is better described as Meltdown Girl, or maybe Landmine Girl. Do the wrong thing, and it's Meltdown Time (tm).

Usually, Hers Truly melts down when you do something for her. We've gotten pretty good at asking her to do things, or asking if it's okay for us to do something for her, but knowing where that landmine sits today can be extremely difficult. For example, Hers Truly was looking for a lost shoe, I found it, then she melted down about me finding it. She's melted down when I pointed out the top of a cup. She will reliably melt down if we put forks on the table.

Sometimes I am beside myself about this, and sometimes I'm laughing my behind off as she has tears streaming down her face because I see the ludicrous moment for what it is.

Wake Hers Truly up early, and she's 10x as twitchy. When she's half-asleep and waking up, I need all that patience that God gave me.

To think that she was the poster-child for "happy baby."

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