Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

Grandparent Visit

Jenny's mom and step-dad came down. Mary Clair had an outgrown bicycle, so Hers Truly is now the proud owner of a purple bicycle with training wheels. She can't peddle well yet.

Hers Truly is back on video restriction. So now, she wants me to play "Armies Marching" so that she can watch the gameplay.

We had buffalo burgers on the Saturday cookout. The vendor made them so large that we each half a one for Sunday dinner. This make all the more amazing feat of Hers Truly to eat an entire one for Saturday lunch.

I wrapped up the Ranger campaign on HoMM5. That was a pita. I so obsessively picked up every bonus during this campaign that I steamrolled an army three times my size, and that was the Big Bad Boss battle.

We wrapped up the first disk of Colonial House.

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