Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

Glen Burnie Carnival

Went to the 103rd Glen Burnie carnival last night. Traffic turned out to be easy.

Hers Truly went bug-nuts when she saw the rides. She was absolutely ecstatic and excited by the whole setup. She rode the kiddie rides over and over, at $1 each. If someone could ride with her, it was me. She wanted to ride the "pinwheel" (Ferris wheel), but she wasn't tall enough.

We duly gave Hers Truly an soft-serve cone. Jenny and I duly ate a funnel cake.

We met up with Michelle and Cybelle, a couple high school friends, and their families. Jenny went off with Hers Truly and I hung out the with old HS peeps. There was much wasting of money on games of mis-chance, and there was great rejoicing. We did the ducks and came up with enough points to get Hers Truly a stuffed horse, which promptly got named "Sarah."

I did pretty good until 9:15, when I hit the wall. Input saturation. I was in the evil trifecta: noise, dark, and crowds. That really does bizarro things to my cognition.

Somehow we peeled Hers Truly from the car ride (I remember riding in a similar ride when I was little), and got her into bed about 11pm.

Even after a full night sleep, I'm still a little cranked. Hopefully I settled down by tonight.

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