Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski


Mom and dad came down for the day and visited. We cooked out for lunch. Hers Truly got her usual number of presents + clothing from her grandparents. One of the presents was a tent. The thing was cheaply made, and the tension poles cracked early on.

I finished replacing the single and double-quotes in the novel draft.

We actually had a D&D game over the weekend. We had many no-shows. All together, I wound up running five characters.

I'm still playing too much HoMM.

I miss the random map mode of HoMM. I used to choose one one-player and just have a fun time exploring and fighting without any pressure. It may not be as challenging, and that was the point. Sometimes you just to veg a little and explore.

Tonight will be a trip to the Glen Burnie carnival. Nothing much to say for it except that it's up in Glen Burnie and some old friends will be there to hang with.

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