Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

Power Out

The storm on Sunday was a doozie. We still lack power. Hopefully, we get some soon. Our freezer is mighty full.

I spent entirely too much time playing Heroes of Might and Magic V. I'm on the Warlock campaign, easy mode, and I just spent two days chasing down a myriad of enemy armies and losing/retaking cities.

I did a little lawn work. A little. It was hot hot hot out there.

I had time to sketch out the beginning of the next novel. I had ideas for about seven chapters when I realized that it wouldn't work. Well, it was perfectly reasonable, given my setup, but I'm not good at long fight pieces. That's what I sketched out, a fight piece. Last time, this took my draft after draft to recognize and realize. Now, I'm spotting it after just a few days. That should help development along, but the problem always comes in that I need to develop shit out of whole cloth.
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