Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

Novel #3

Novel #1 had the working title "My First Bad Novel." I ended up calling it "Silence and Rain." It should really be called "Three Characters in Search of a Plot and What They Failed to Find."  The purpose of that work was to learn lessons.

Novel #2 is "Weeds Among Stone." It worked far better than novel #1. The purpose of this novel was to work at it until it worked.

I started novel #3 again today. This is try number ... I dunno. It's a follow-on to #2, but its concerns are already much different. It's harder, as much because of the material as because of the direction that I am following. I had other stories in mind, but they kept each collapsing as "go there" style novels. I can write them, but they are not my forte. I fall back on convention, and so I produce sub-par work.

My first mission is to learn about riots, especially race riots and food riots. How's that for a fantasy novel?

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