Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski


Hers Truly rejected pajamas some months back. These days, she far prefers nightgowns and favored dresses.

The most favored dress is her black velvet dress. Other favored dresses include her purple dress and her blue dress. She's mostly outgrown them, so they work perfectly fine as sleepwear.

Jenny made a kitchen set for Hers Truly and painted it purple. Jenny did quite the amazing job. There's a stove, oven, kitchen sink, and storage under the sink. She's quite the physical hacker, adapting a couple milk crates, a u-bend, and other things, all to make it work out.

Hers Truly continues hers master of the question. "What's that?" is the most frequent question to even the slightest thing. The only problem is figuring out what "that" refers to. Sometimes you can figure it, but sometimes, it's just not obvious.

Interactive playing has picked up. She and I were rolling a ball back and forth last night. That was fun.

Lava has been a fun topic. We've been watching lava videos. Her favorite has Pink Floyd, "Welcome to the Machine."

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